5 Novels


5 Novels

Grigol Robakidze

ISBN: 9789941463617

Category: Unknown Grigol Robakidze

Pages: 810

Format: A4

Published: 2018

Cover: Hard

Price: 35.00


This book contains five novels by Grigol Robakidze. Considering the dramatic nature of the writer’s life we can argue that these novels were being created in completely different time, situation and circumstances.


From the 1900s till 1920s Grigol Robakidze was considered as a renounced author and a leader and a designer of the cultural and literary process in Georgia. However, when he left the Soviet Union, he was denounced as an enemy of people and his work was banned for a long time.


Five novels by Grigol Robakidze  – “The Snake Skin” (1926), “Megi – a Georgian Maiden” (1932), “The Cry of Goddess” (1934), “The Guardians of the Grail” (1937), “Phalestra” (1928) – were written both in his home country and during the years of emigration. Most of these novels were translated and published by leading publishing companies in Germany. Since the archive from Grigol Robakidze's emigration years is still to be found, above-mentioned editions were the main source for translations of several of his novels.


In his Letter to Stefan Zweig in 1927, Grigol Robakidze who was totally unknown as an author in Europe was asking an internationally established and popular writer for support: “The point is not to bring fame to a poet but rather to introduce a spiritual state of a small Eastern nation to the Europeans”.


The novels included in this book (“The Cry of Goddess”, “Megi – a Georgian Maiden” and “The Guardians of the Grail”) were translated from German by Dali Panjikidze, Nana Gogolashvili and Tamar Kotrikadze.





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