Georgian Writers


Georgian Writers

130 Stories

ISBN: 978-9941-478-07-9

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Format: A5

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.70


Compiled by Nino Sadgobelashvili


Writer's biography can be just as interesting as his work. Especially if the key to understanding his work lies is the biographical details and thus it equally attracts the attention of scholars and academics as well as of real tasteful reader.


What the biographies of Georgian writers have in common is the historical background, the epochal circumstances that are always tinted in dramatic, fierce and dark shades. It was in such environments that they had to live and write, take decisions...


The book brings together already established or yet unknown biographical episodes of Georgian writers starting from the 19th century until the 30-40ies of the 20th century. This time 130 years old literary chronicle will be presented in 130 literary stories to the reader.





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