Gia Bughadze

ISBN: 000

Category: Postcards and Posters

Pages: 15

Format: 12x17

Published: 2015

Cover: Soft

Price: 7.00

“I study what thrills me, which is the phenomenon born at the junction of opposites. I am attracted by ruins and cracks because I see them as signs or hieroglyphs of mutual impregnation of culture and natural ingenuity. I am attracted by everything introduced by art into the nature and everything the nature has eradicated or left its vital mark on.
“I study the mysterious signs of eternity in temporary forms, ascribing metaphoric and symbolic meanings to them. That is the reason I enjoy being at the extreme of Art, on the edge where I can test my sense of balance.
“Balancing on the edge is my artistic credo because it offers unlimited range of forms and expressive means. There is no restriction or preference, no censorship inside or outside myself except my own sincerity, backed by many years of professional experience.”  



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