Georgia and Russia


Georgia and Russia

Noe Ramishvili

ISBN: 999-4055-29-1

Category: Academic Publications

Pages: 66

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2006

Cover: Soft

Price: 2.00

Noe Ramishvili was the Head of the Democratic Republic of Georgia when the country first gained independence from the Russian Empire. He was one of the organizers of the anti-Bolshevik protest of August-September 1921, the events described in the present book which was published in Paris in the same year. Following the annexation of Georgia by Bolshevik Russia, Noe Ramishvili immigrated to Paris together with his family. Among the Georgian Social-Democrats (Mensheviks) in exile, he was the most radical in his unacceptance of Red Russia and its marionette government in Georgia.






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