12 Illustrated Fables

Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani

ISBN: 000

Category: Postcards and Posters

Pages: 15

Format: 12x17

Published: 2013

Cover: Soft

Price: 7.00

Designer Yuri Stamatel   The edition contains Yuri Stamatel’s graphic works – illustrations for Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani’s well-known fables: A Cat and a Lion, A Thieving Tailor, A Man and a Snake, Three Deaf Men and a Judge and others. In this way the book becomes highly entertaining to read for children... Read more >

The Wisdom of Lies

Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani

ISBN: 978-9994-055-74-6

Category: Children’s Literature

Pages: 144

Format: 10x14

Published: 2009

Cover: Soft

Price: 4.00

Read more >