50 Albums That Sneaked Freedom In

Nika Rurua

ISBN: 978-9941-478-06-2

Category: Read Along

Pages: 184

Format: A5

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.70

The so called "Soft power" of the western world whether it would be American jazz or cinematography, literature or Rock’n Roll, gradually uncovered the true nature of the Soviet ideology and then lead the system to its end. It proved once again that "tree is known by its fruit" – or in other words, it... Read more >

What Makes Us Stronger

Nika Rurua

ISBN: 978-9941-463-86-0

Category: Critical Essays on Literature-Documentary Prose

Pages: 232

Format: 14x18

Published: 2016

Cover: Soft

Price: 10.00

A nation that cannot distinguish between a friend and a foe doesn’t deserve all the good that results from being free. All successful, advanced states have been built by societies with self dignity and optimism. Slaves and hypocrites never achieve anything except creating false idols, which the history eventually crashes... Read more >