Nine Stories

Mikheil Javakhishvili

ISBN: 978-9994-055-92-0

Category: Children’s Literature

Pages: 442

Format: 11x15

Published: 2010

Cover: Soft

Price: 5.90

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Mikheil Javakhishvili

ISBN: 978-9941-421-33-4

Category: Georgian Prose and Poetry

Pages: 34

Format: 12.5x17

Published: 2011

Cover: Soft

Price: 3.00

  The story was published in 1926 in the magazine Kartuli Mtserloba but was immediately banned as ‘an immoral story’. In reality, the reason lay in the fact that it was anti-Russian in its narrative about the Russian army.   The publication is prepared by Tsisana Gendzekhadze who also wrote the... Read more >