Kings and Patriarchs of Georgia


Kings and Patriarchs of Georgia

Roin Metreveli

ISBN: 978-9941-421-21-1

Category: Academic Publications

Pages: 178

Format: 20x27

Published: 2010

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.10

The book deals with the complex relationship between the monarchs and the patriarchs in the Medieval times, the status of the head of the church, its evolvement and problems connected to being the spiritual leader of the nation. Both positions are analyzed synchronously, which makes it easier for the reader to access a specific historical moment, as well as connect particular kings to the patriarchs of their reign.
The publication describes the rituals of crowning monarchs and consecration of patriarchs. The book includes historical texts and the photocopies of the originals, as well as illustrations showing the kings and patriarchs.



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