House in Mid-air

Medea Zaalishvili

ISBN: 978-9941-463-62-4

Category: Critical Essays on Literature-Documentary Prose

Pages: 184

Format: A5

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.50

"House in Mid-air" is the first book where the author who already lives in the pages of English literature and is herself very much like the characters of those books steps out of the frames of her favorite editions and offers the reader something original, something of her own. Her cozy room full of volumes and literary... Read more >


Medea Zaalishvili

ISBN: 978-9941-445-38-5

Category: Translations

Pages: 344

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2017

Cover: Soft

Price: 13.00

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