How Russia "Saved" Georgia - The Treaty of Georgievsk


How Russia "Saved" Georgia - The Treaty of Georgievsk

Nikoloz Tevzadze

ISBN: 978-9941-494-82-6

Category: Getting to Know Georgia

Pages: 94

Format: 14x20

Published: 2022

Cover: Soft

Price: 19.95

In 1783, Eastern Georgia (Kartli-Kakheti kingdom) and the Russian state signed an alliance agreement – the Treaty of Georgievsk. The topic is quite voluminous and is as controversial as possible. The way the Russian and Georgian sides understand the situation with the signing of the treaty is in fact mutually exclusive.
From Nikoloz Tevzadze's book, you will learn how the political situation in the Caucasus looked like on the eve of the signing of the agreement and what was the benefit for each of the participants. The consequences of this union will be shown: on what basis the Georgian lands became part of the Russian state, as well as the main myths and legends associated with these events that to this day persist in the Russian society.



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