Simulation of The National Examinations in History (tests and recommendations for university entrants)


Simulation of The National Examinations in History (tests and recommendations for university entrants)

Giorgi Mechurchlishvili, Archil Tabukashvili, Konstantine Baramia

ISBN: 978-9941-463-59-4

Category: Textbooks

Pages: 130

Format: A4

Published: 2017

Cover: Soft

Price: 17.00

Every year more than 12 000 university entrants choose history for their fourth exam at The National Examinations. However, only 5% manages to get higher than 90% of the maximum grade (61-70 points). This textbook intends to help the university entrants test their knowledge and skills and achieve better results at The National Examinations. The tests are constructed so that they fully respect the standards set for The National Examinations which allows the university entrant experience a simulation of The National Examinations before actually taking them by completing the tasks of the exact same type and complicacy as he will have to carry out during the actual exam. 

The authors of the textbook have studied the tests used at The National Examinations starting from 2012 till now. They have examined the type and complicacy of each task that had been used to compile these tests. Taking into consideration the specificity of history they contemplated a probable number of questions concerning a certain historical period that could be used in different types of tasks. Based on their analysis regarding the different formulations of the test questions the authors constructed the given textbook corresponding the exact standards of The National Examinations.


In addition to the abovementioned tests, the textbook contains unique maps created by the group of our authors that can be used not only to prepare for The National Examinations but also to better comprehend a certain historical period during studying process.


The textbook is highly recommended for preparation for final school exams and teacher certification tests. 




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