Meetings with Stalin


Meetings with Stalin

Kandid Charkviani

ISBN: 978-9941-445-90-3

Category: Critical Essays on Literature-Documentary Prose

Pages: 266

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2015

Cover: Soft

Price: 12.00


‘From 1938 to 1952 my father chaired the Georgian Communist Party Committee and met Stalin on a regular basis. In his memoirs he dwells on many aspects of life of the period, recounting significant episodes of meeting Stalin in person.


‘The memoire fragments published in the book present a relatively full portrait of the Soviet leader, whose personality has raised much controversy. Despite the author’s unhidden sympathy for Stalin and the Communist regime, the readers will certainly feel the icy atmosphere of the country ruled by the will of a single, powerful man,’ (Gela Charkviani).


The book cover features a pastel drawing by Ucha Japaridze, which he presented to Kandid Charkviani in 1947. Also, the edition includes his letter written to Stalin referring to the issues of the Soviet linguistics with Stalin’s handwritten comments. The letter which inspired a wide discussion is published for the first time.  




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