Hebrew Drama


Hebrew Drama

Joshua Sobol, Hanoch Levin, Edna Mazya, Savyon Liebrecht, Yosef Bar-Yosef

ISBN: 978-9941-445-73-6

Category: Modern Drama

Pages: 300

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2014

Cover: Soft

Price: 15.00

Translated from Hebrew by Mamuka Butskhrikidze

Introduction written and edited by Tamar Kiknavelidze


The fourth book of the Modern Drama Series includes the works of the well-known modern-day playwrights: Joshua Sobol, Hanoch Levin, Edna Mazya, Savyon Liebrecht and Yosef Bar-Yosef. It was decided to add other names to the list, which means the readers are introduced to those writers who have not been translated into Georgian until now. Besides, their plays are staged not only in Israel but around the world , attracting much interest.


The publication was supported by the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection.





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